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Hosted Asterisk

Hosted Asterisk

AstraQom's hosted telephony for Asterisk PBX Clients

Do you wish to have your own VoIP solution but you don't have the budget for a dedicated server for your Asterisk Phone System? The Asterisk VoIP VPS is the answer for your business.

A VPS or Virtual Private Server, is a virtual machine that shares the resources of a hardware platform with other virtual servers. However, a VPS basically represents a set of virtual resources of a dedicated server, having its own allocated resources - memory, CPU, disk - its own operating system, and operating independently, similar to a dedicated server, allowing the owner to configure it according to his business needs.

AstraQom now offers you an advanced technology that will offer you maximum software flexibility, as well as high security of your data. AstraQom's hosted telephony is designed to provide the best price-quality ratio, offering the guarantee of powerful servers without the need of an investment in hardware equipment.

Our Virtual Private Servers are available to Asterisk PBX clients at an affordable price and can be configured according to the specific needs of our Asterisk PBX users. VoIP VPS offers many other advantages, such as:

CheckMarkQuick and easy installation (your VoIP server can become functional in just a few minutes)

CheckMarkYour Linux OS and PBX come already installed, ready for you to configure them

CheckMarkYou have root access with every Asterisk VPS, giving you full administrative control

CheckMarkHigh security

VoIP Server

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Why Choose Us?

Hosted VoIP Providers

AstraQom is a UK Cloud Hosting company. We will work with you to find the best hosted VoIP solution for you and we continue to deliver immediate support whenever you need us.

Hosted Telephony

Professional, prompt, high quality British Customer Service.

Hosted Phone System

We offer flexibility, proactivity and speed in execution, all focused on building an integrated hosted phone system for your business.

Open Source PBX

Our VoIP Hosting is carefully configured to become a safe location for your Asterisk PBX.

3GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
£34.99Month £44.99Month £99.99Month £189.99Month

Included Features

GraycheckServers monitored 24h/365 days a year

Graycheck24/7/365 Remote Reboot Capability

GraycheckUnlimited SSH Root Access

GraycheckPremium Fibre Bandwidth

GraycheckDedicated IP Address

GraycheckCentOS pre-installed

GraycheckPBX pre-installed

*All prices are exclusive of VAT

Dedicated RAM (Memory)
3GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
Disk Space
60GB 80GB 160GB 320GB
5000GB Outbound 6000GB Outbound 12000GB Outbound 24000GB Outbound
IP Addresses
1 IP Address 1 IP Address 1 IP Address 1 IP Address

Pre-configured VoIP Server with Asterisk and Softswitch PBX

As part of its VoIP Hosting service, AstraQom not only provides installation for various popular distributed versions of Asterisk PBX, but also for Softswitch versions.

Elastix PBX Free PBX PBX in a Flash Hosted Asterisk VoIP TrixBox Hosted VoIP UK
Open Source Phone Open Source GUI
Open Source PBX Open Source VoIP

Asterisk Distros

Freeswitch Distros

Other VoIP Distributions

Hosted VoIP Providers

Benefits of Asterisk VoIP

Self Management: VPS Hosting facilitates the reinstallation of your OS, the reboot of your server or any other actions at any time, with a simple click.

Instant provisioning: Your Asterisk server will be ready to use in minutes.

Reduced costs: VoIP Hosting is the most intelligent alternative to a costly dedicated server.

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