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Incorporated in 2008, AstraQom UK has grown to be one of UK's top 5 business telephone services providers. We have been proudly providing top quality business telephony services to clientele actoss UK. A wholly-owned subsidiary of AstraQom International, AstraQom UK offer UK Hosted PBX, UK Toll-free, UK virtual numbers, UK live Answering Services and more. Talk to us about your business telephone needs.
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Choosing a Telecom Services Provider is a crucial process. In today's world many company heavily use the phone for sales, support, operations and more. Having the services of an established company that knows the value of the role in your business matters. We take you seriously.
Quick deployment
We are able to typically get you started within day. There are occasions we get to deliver services within minutes.
Ultrafast Connections
We have multiple servers strategically located to offer fast connections to us.
Fair priced
Our rates are fair and very competitive without sacrificing quality.
Fast Support
From Sunday evening, our sales and support teams are only an email, chat or call away. Tech Support i 24/7.

UK's Largest International Business Telecom Provider

AstraQom UK is part of the AstraQom International family.. We maintain a comprehensive top network across UK and have access to quality routes abroad as well..
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