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  • CRTC Registered AstraQom UK is a Canadian registered Telecommunication Provider recognised by The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is a public organization in UK with mandate as a regulatory agency for broadcasting and telecommunications.
  • Modern Infrastructure AstraQom UK has regularly upgraded facilities to better serve our clients across UK.
  • Exemplary Customer Relations We cherish the relationship between our clients and us and endeavour to go the extra mile to show it.

A different kind of provider

Custom Solutions
No two businesses are the same and so we should not expect their communication needs to be the same. AstraQom offers standard solution but we also welcome unique requirements. Talk to us today!
All our services are very compatible with a wide range of facilities. These include our UK SIP trunking services and various PBX services.
Comprehensive Coverage
AstraQom UK has an impressively comprehensive ability to provide services to a large number of locations in UK
Committed Support
No other top UK Business Telecom Services Provider offers 24h full support during week days

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